Homeowners’ Association fees are levied by HOA boards to maintain amenities in a community. By contrast, a Community Development District (CDD) is a board that is created by the developer of a community to build amenities. Another difference is that CDD fees are tax-deductible and HOA fees are not.

CDD fees are unlike typical home owner association fees and are included in the tax bill as a separate entity. Typical CDD fees range from $1000-$3000 a year, based on the amenities offered. The Bond is a government bond that was taken out by the developer to build the community, the streets and amenities. The bond portion usually has a term life of 30 years, once it is paid off you will still pay the operations and maintenance portion of your CDD fees.

CDDs were created to shift the burden of building roads and utilities away from the municipal and county governments. The massive costs of building the infrastructure are financed by the developer with a CDD incentive: tax free municipal bonds. Rather than paying everything up front, homeowners pay the costs for the amenities over a span of 15 to 30 years.